Bald is definitely the new gold

Team WOWRAL Jul 01, 2016

Why hide it? Why oh why?

Dear Men everywhere,

Stop hiding your baldness or receding hairline.

No, we are not mocking anyone here. And nope, not even sarcasm. Not kidding as well.

We really love bald people. Just look at the numbers of them and their shiny heads are so cute. Well. yes except for the Mogambos and Shakaals!

We in fact are ready to push you to go without hair transplantation or wearing wigs because see it is a but natural process. There is nothing you can do about it and even if it starts at an early age, you cannot stop it.

But yes, when you try to hide it, we do feel sorry. You are a part of the society, our family, our friends, our colleagues, our acquaintances and so on. It really does not matter to us. So why should you be bothered about it? For us, it is you who matters not your hair or your bald head.

It is natural. Why not accept it?

It is natural. Why not accept it?

Age, hereditary, pollution, diet, routines, anything or everything can affect it and we know that you will make all efforts to stop it. But even after all the efforts and trials the hai rfall does not stop, it is okay. It might feel weird or even shy to move around but again, that is fine. Someone will make jokes on you but once you ignore them, the joke is on them. people who laugh on other people's miseries are the worst kind of people. And if they do not care about your emotions, why should you bother about them being in your life or not. People who genuinely care, understand.

Yes, but be light hearted as well. Do not take things to your heart easily and every now and then. People may not target you and talk in general. Do not self victimize yourself.

In fact, go bold!

In fact, go bold!

Now that you have less or no hair, you can experiment so much.

You can wear hats without looking like an idiot and hair falling out of place.

You can wear aviators and sport the coolest look.

You can You can get a wow tattoo there! How awesome would it look!

Have a french cut beard. Now that's so stylish.

And there are a million others.

It is about how you feel. Once you accept it, there is no looking back. It is not a disease, not a symptom that can be cured by anything. It is a process and not under our control. So let it go already.

And please, stay away from hair transplant and products that guarantee shining and growing hair on every inch of your head. It is just time and money waste. Yes, medicines and treatment can increase the longevity of your hair by making it healthy. So go for healthy hair first.

And look at the ever bald people in our film industries. Don't they have the prettiest wives? Well, so hence proved that women do like bald men! ;)

And next time someone makes fun of you, show them this article!

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