Along comes life!

Team WOWRAL Mar 08, 2016

Life is not a bed of roses.
Certainly, Mr. Philosopher!

For past few years, I have been striving. A little too much and very rarely, a little too less. They say God takes exams. Yes, He does. Definitely. I am the living example.

They tell me, hold on.. Stay strong.. Move on.. Forget. But frankly speaking how many of us are able to do so? Please excuse me if I have used the same words for any of you at some point of time. But then, that is how it goes. All we can do is console and keep walking. Head held high or no, we give it a chance at attaining the purpose of our birth- living.

I have actually lost the track of time and memories when I was completely carefree, amazingly laughing, a total freak, bermudas clad, completely lovable, not irritating and yes- free and liberated. Well I did forget mental peace in the long sentence! And no, I am not just putting across my childhood here. It is certainly not time, not my parents, neither some making- me- learn- my- lesson friends and not at all the people I fell in love with (including Salman Khan)!

It is all about me. My look out, my reactions, my ever-running tears, my behavior and the biiiig combat which I never win. Sometimes I wonder, if I really carry a print on me which says, 'Come hit me, I am totally harmless.'

And yes, you. I know you too feel the same at some point, so don't you give me that crap that 'Awww.. Poor you.' In case you do, well, you too! :-/

So what's the remedy?

I go out and become a BAAAAAD (WO)MAN?

Be mean.

Be selfish.

Be hurting (and have no guilt?)

Be a revenge taker?


Well, certainly not. Going through all of this has made me anything but mentally strong. I still get affected and I do get hurt. I am nowhere close to ignoring stuff. Chuck the inspirational quotes, the monks, the Ferrari-es, the wow tumblr pics and your Uncles and Aunties.

My problems haven't made me tough. But yes, they have given me a dimension wherein I am able to take up a little more worse than already it is. I am not being a pessimist here. What I actually mean is, things might get brighter, but I will never lose the sight of my umbrella, for once it held and protected me. And my umbrella is my faith. My trust. In myself and my God. There are reasons. Always. Just for you to smile and keep going. Identify them and live them. Connect to your own self so strongly that you radiate all the energy you need to strike back as a person. If this is what you define the strength, then yes. I am strong. Sounds hypothetical, right? But there is no harm in trying. It is better to try and fail rather than just fail. Yeah, I will follow this too! :D


Just don't live. Live for your family and special ones in life. Most importantly, live for yourself. /P>

Those who care, care for you to be happy. Go, give them their mental peace at least! :|

Life does not happen just like that. It is worth all- the pains and the achievements. It comes along as you make yourself better with each twist and turn.

I may not win the battle, but I prepare myself for it. Who knows I might just win it one day! :)

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