A 'tea' attempt to 'cleanse' Mr. Trump!

Team WOWRAL Jul 17, 2016

Donald Trump: drink the tea! Now. Yes, like now now!

Yes, it is official. US Presidential Candidate Mr. Donald Trump is not liked my many people, many organizations and many countries as well.

Given the fact that he speaks his "weird" mind, many are arguing about the future of the world as America has always been seen as a global power and is instrumental in initiating changes in the world over.

So when this particular US Presidential Candidate throws his weight around and talks about racism, sexism, dumb policies and a lot of other issues in the most pessimist way, we are left to wonder what if he actually becomes the President of The United States Of America!

Often we have seen attempts that tried to bring him back to senses, one of which we have published before (to read click here) we found this new one which is completely hilarious, highly creative and very innovative. This is a must watch video and we are pretty sure that you will be laughing out really loud after reading it!

Hats off TE-A-ME Teas! You rocked it!

Donald Trump are you watching and sipping?

While green tea has amazing benefits which we have already shared here, an Indian tea company TE-A-ME went one notch above and progressed its cleansing and purifying use to Donald Trump who is infamous for his incredible (sarcasm intended) thoughts and being able to put them in words without any interruption (how we wish there was one!)

So here they sent 4 years supply of green tea so that the system of Mr. Trump is cleansed and he is able to think with an open mind and better values! While it is seriously amusing and funny, the pedestrians have the time of their life laughing out on the ads that play on billboards. We totally loved the video and we hope you will enjoy it too.

Mr. Trump, we hops you do think better and realize that this world is one place. Do not categorize or try to rationalize your thoughts that speak about bringing up issues that can rock the peace of the world. Keep calm Sir.

Video Credits: TE-A-ME Teas

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