A mom's love is unconditional, sacrificing, never ending and.. waiting!

Team WOWRAL Mar 30, 2016

How often do we take our mothers for granted?

How often do we take our mothers for granted?

Always perhaps!

The moment we open our eyes, the first face that we see is our mothers. The first word we speak is Maa. Ever giving, sacrificing, unconditional love, the little scolding, teaching greatest things through simplest of experiences, getting us ready to take the plunge in professional and personal lives and helping us to become a responsible and dutiful citizen, Maa does it all. But do we appreciate all these things she has done?

We guess no.

Take some time off. Take some time off your schedule for someone who never had any schedule when it came to you. She was always there, ever smiling and ever welcoming with open arms to treat all the negativity and the illness, to scare away all the dark thoughts with her ever ready lap, who gave up countless nights just to be awake with you for your exams and who appreciated every little thing you have done so far.

Don’t let them retire on your dreams of being with you.

Video Credits: AVTLifestyle Zaamor

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