8 reasons to date people who read

Team WOWRAL Feb 16, 2016

Don't you think people who read are awesome?

People who read are genuine treasures. You want to know why? Well read on to know little secrets that make them more interesting for dating!

1. They are never bored.

1.	They are never bored.

People who read have vivid imaginations. They observe their surroundings and learn to immerse themselves in the aura. So if it is your boring office party or a forced get together at a relative’s place, they will be the least to whine.

2. Expect a romantic!

2.	Expect a romantic!

No matter what genre they read, they truly understand what true love is so when they are with you, they are with you whole heartedly!

3. Clubbing? Discotheque? Socializing?

3.	Clubbing? Discotheque? Socializing?

Dance, shout, cheer up if you are not a party animal and your partner is a reader. They will spend an entire weekend reading rather than going out and having ‘loud’ fun!

4. Finally who listens!

4.	Finally who listens!

People who read have loads of patience (this can be attributed to the fact that they never read the last page first ;) )and they listen too. So if you like to talk out things, who better than someone who listens and understands?

5. Witty and knowledgeable

5.	Witty and knowledgeable

If you are the one who falls for the brainy kinds, you are in for a roll. They read so much and that is how they know so much.

6. Their talks are elaborate

6.	Their talks are elaborate

When they talk, and they really do they explain the whole situation in detail, saving you from loads of guessing and understanding one word answers or questions.

7. The way they treat your anger is so…..

7.	The way they treat your anger is so…..

They know all the quotes, imagined all the perfect surprise date ideas and read all about caring and loving endlessly. What else do you want?

8. They know you in and out!

8.	They know you in and out!

Like stated earlier, they are observers. They will know you and how! They can even order your favorite food without you being there, know your perfumes, your soaps and even little details about you which you hardly take notice of. If that does not make you feel special, please do not date anyone at all! So, isn’t it the time that we included a ‘ Do you read’ section while trying to mingle?

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