8 pop singers who we wish would make a comeback!

Team WOWRAL May 06, 2016

The good old days when music actually meant music!

The pop music age in India was glorious. Beautiful voices, lovely lyrics, soothing music and amazing videos.

How we miss all that! The age of remix and loud and catchy lyrics has spoilt everything. Lyrics that start with a woman's body and end on one, music that cannot be distinguished and videos that you cannot watch with your family is what we have today. And we do not even want to touch the topic of voices nowadays. The lesser said, the better it is!

We really wish those days were back. Here we compile a list of 8 singers who should totally make a comeback and provide us with some beautiful songs again!

1. Alisha Chinai

Who can forget her beautiful soothing voice and the doll she looked like!

Madonna of Indian pop scenario, her videos mostly featured leading male models and were a treat to watch.

*Ek dil chahiye that's made in India!*

2. Shweta Shetty

She had a different voice which actually stood out from the rest.

He perfect figure and style gave way more goals to girls all over.

While Deewane had a funny theme, Johnny Joker was classy! We love them all!

3. Suneeta Rao

This lady gave us "Paree hoon main!"

What more could you ask for? The mesmerizing voice that spreads the haze is extremely lovable.

Kesariya hai roop maaro or Ab ke baras just added more of the love for Suneeta.

4. Lucky Ali

Actor/ Comedian Mehmood's son can sing and how!

Lucky Ali is magic. His voice, his connect to lyrics, the different yet very affecting music and his choice of hard hitting videos is what we adore about him. 

"Dil ke kareeb ho ye mujhko hai yakeen!" 

O sanam brings back the first time of watching pyramids over and over on the TV screen.

5. Raageshwari

While she has given us more peppy songs like her personality, this song of Raageshwari Loomba is timeless and absolutely serene and beautiful.

The landscape, the emotions, picturisation everything is absolutely classic. No wonder it won many awards. And her voice? Sweet!


6. Daler Mehndi

Add bhangra to pop, loads of beats, energy packed background dancers and you have Daler Mehndi!

Not only he rules the charts, his songs were and even today are a total hit in the bhangra scenario. People loved him and he never disappointed. 

After all a learned singer and a power packed personality himself, Daler Mehndi is the king of Pop Bhangra!

7. Sonu Nigam

No one, we mean no can ever be more melodious than Sonu Nigam. Hits after hits, beautiful videos and wonderful lyrics are a trademark of his songs. 

We really hope that he comes back and makes more songs like these and re install our love for such songs again!

8. Asha Bhosle

Yes her! The Diva!

She is timeless. Her voice is so versatile that it can blend with anyone and in any mood. She is the queen and will always be the one singer who never grows old. 

We love you Asha Tai!

Those days might not come back is the hard reality. But thankfully we do have the best ever songs! <3

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