7 reasons why our idli love never outgrows!

Team WOWRAL Feb 16, 2016

Healthy, tasty, complete food, light on stomach and pocket. What else do you need?

In India, the food is evenly distributed. What you get in Delhi, is available in even Kanyakumari and vice versa for most of the things. We agree that the taste might vary but the availability itself is a huge relief to some and love to a few. One such breakfast, that is available everywhere in India in idli. And wow! How we love it. With variations in sambhar and chutney, idli manages to win hearts at any cost.

1. Such simple ingredients, such a lovable outcome.

1.	Such simple ingredients, such a lovable outcome.

Rice, black lentil and salt. This is it. You need not be a masterchef to make idlis. Soack rice and black lentil, grind, place the batter in moulds, steam and voila! You are absolutely done.

2. Calories.

2.	Calories.

On an average, regular sized idlis contain no more than 40 calories. Ain’t it perfect? Along with that it also comprises of 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of dietary fiber and 8 grams of carbohydrates, 1 milligram of iron, and trace amounts of calcium, folate, potassium and vitamin A. You want to know the bonus? NO FAT. Nopes, not at all.

3. Oil free

3.	Oil free

As long as you do not temper your sambhar, or chutney or not include any oilseeds, your meal of idli sambhar chutney is completely oil free. Now that is diet consciousness answered like a boss!

4. Substitutions and variations

4.	Substitutions and variations

Idlis can be made from semolina, corn flour, ragi and so on, the nutrition and the taste of which increases considerably. And while we talk of the variations, have you tried button idli, tatte idli, sannas, muday idli and so on?

5. Eat to your heart.

5.	Eat to your heart.

Light and yummy, you can fill yourself to the brim and yet not feel drowsy or heavy after the meal.

6. Easy to digest

6.	Easy to digest

People with errr… complicated digestive systems and also find delight in eating idli as the fermentation of the batter break down starch into simple sugars, thus making it easy to digest.

7. Complete meal

7.	Complete meal

'India Breakfast Habits Study', a study carried out in four metros in India, found that Chennai has the best breakfast 'nutrient profile' in the country. What does their breakfast consist of? Three idlis, a bowl of sambhar and a tumbler of filter kaapi (coffee). Over decades, idli has been the food of the office goers, bachelors, hostelites, lazy people and so on, yet continued to provide the nutrients with all the love.

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