16 reasons why the school times were awesome in the 90s!

Team WOWRAL Feb 22, 2016

Do not believe us? Read on

No matter the number of international schools in India is reaching a new high every now and then, we still believe that the school days which we had in the 1990s, were any day better. Yes, we did not have the branded uniforms and shoes and bags and high fundoo books but what we had was real fun. .

1. We made real friends

1.	We made real friends

Right from Nursery to XII, the bonding remained. We learned to share, care, fight, react but always got back in the end. And yes, did we mention that abuses back then comprised of pagal, gadha, bewakoof!

2. Call your parents meant real danger

2.	Call your parents meant real danger

It was like facing your innermost fears come alive. Parents being called for bad behavior, home work not done or teasing or anything else was what made the months to come little scary.

3. Tiffin ka khana

3.	Tiffin ka khana

We adored the moms for their cooking. As a little secret, we always tended to like a certain thing from our friends’ tiffin. Be it achaar or bhindi ki sabzi or even the leftover rice, everything seemed delicious. And by the way, no biscuits. No snacks. Sabzi paratha, paratha achaar or just some kind of paratha! Phew!

4. Teachers helped us reach out

4.	Teachers helped us reach out

. Whenever we had a fight in the class, the teachers would always make us stand face to face say sorry/ thank you, shake hands and send back to respective places. May be they thought that the problem had resolved. In truth, it took some time, but yes, our teachers were right.

5. Seniors? Run.

5.	Seniors? Run.

We used to be scared of our seniors. No ragging, no tagging, no leg pulling but all seniors were didis and bhaiyas and we used to actually respect them and when they passed beside us in corridor and/ or buses, rickshaws, we used to go quiet.

6. Less buses. More rickshaws.

6.	Less buses. More rickshaws.

We loved the cycle rickshaws and autos. Specially the bhaiyyas rode/ drove. And yes, the little fights on who will sit where and so on.



Trust us, back then, Maths scared. It was not just numbers or the worksheets as they have now. To the point, hard to grasp and tougher to practice. But yes, the teachers made it easier. Definitely!

8. Annual days

8.	Annual days

All we were supposed to do was skits from Shakespeare or similar literature, sing patriotic songs and dance on fun numbers which contained no double meaning. And yes, we had no fests that went on for weeks. Hard to swallow? Yes.

9. Sweet crushes

9.	Sweet crushes

‘Pehla nasha, pehle khumar’ from Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar was the anthem. And if Amir Khan was not enough, they re- introduced the remixed song in the 90s with the same theme from the movie but little kids. Now that is what you call end of game!

10. The best ever programs!

10.	The best ever programs!

Close up Antakshari, Kahaani wala Baba, Tom and Jerry, The Jungle Book, Ducktales, Talespin, Aladdin, Philips Top Ten, Junglee toofan tyre puncture, Dekh Bhai Dekh.. *Sigh*

We can go on and on and the list will never end.

11. Birthdaysssss!

11.	Birthdaysssss!

A (highly) colorful dress, a tray and loads of toffees being distributed in the class followed by a trip to every teacher in every class in the first period of the day was all the show off you needed. Matching shoes. Matching bands and what not. This day also announced who your best friend was as he/ she were to accompany you everywhere. They also got the most toffees The evening was a home party where the moms made the best food, big pieces of a huge cake and simple return gifts. Such fun!

12. Toffees, churan, ram laddoo and all the pitayi from moms.

12.	Toffees, churan, ram laddoo and all the pitayi from moms.

No we only had toffees. Chocolates were rewards. And that too very rare. No burgers. No momos. No chowmein. Nothing. But we had small time vendors who sold all kind of ‘chatora’ stuff. If see, the bashings were unlimited but we did not stop!

13. Homework was everyday affair.

13.	Homework was everyday affair.

Yes, we had to do our homework everyday. Not like the times of today where we have to show the homework after a week or so! And those wooden scales. God! Why were they manufactured?

14. Assembly

14.	Assembly

What mostly goes absent in schools nowadays is the assembly. The everyday prayer, followed by proverbs explained, news and a good advice to follow taught us discipline and unity. By the way remember the PT periods? ;)

15. Inkpens!

15.	Inkpens!

Those who loved to write will know why using an inkpen was such an important event in life.

16. Slambooks

16.	Slambooks

We all departed with heavy hearts. The friendship grows on you. We did not have Orkut or facebook. But what we had was our personal slambook and it meant the world to us.

Change is the law of nature and we have to move on. Yet, the memories we make, stay. Our world was simple. With lesser or almost no technology, we had more fun.

We did not have photoshop but we had imagination. We had no kindle, but we had comics and story books. We know the values, ethics and how to standby on our own principles.

We may not have had all the expensive and beautiful things kids have nowadays. But what we had was innocent and pure fun with friendships that stand tall even today.

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