16 'mithayis' that Indians adore!

Team WOWRAL Feb 28, 2016

Kuch meetha is all we want!

A meal or no meal, you can always find time and space for a little ‘meetha’ and munch, slurp, bite into or simply gobble it up. We thought why not make a list of a few desserts we Indians adore and are crazy about.

1. Gulab jamun

1. Gulab jamun

Oh that lovely sight!

2. Kulfi:

2.	Kulfi:

Summers, vacations, full masti and kulfi! Heavens!

3. Jalebi

3.	Jalebi

The name is enough! Drooooooooooooooool!

4. Laddoo

4.	Laddoo

Every mom's favorite delicacy to make and stuff their children with!

5. Gajar ka halwa

5.	Gajar ka halwa

This is sheer love!

6. Rabri

6.	Rabri

The ones who eat this know what sheer magic milk can do! Tastes best with Jalebi!

7. Shahi tukda

7.	Shahi tukda

Bread? Milk? Dessert? Delicious!!!

8. Kheer

8.	Kheer

Those who do not like kheer, sorry we do not like you! How can someone not be in love with kheer!

9. Gujiya

9.	Gujiya

Gujiya, karanji call whatever, they all taste pure awesomeness!

10. Patisa

10.	Patisa

How can gram flour be so wow!

11. Kaju katli

11.	Kaju katli


12. Sevaiyan

12.	Sevaiyan

We await Eid!

13. Rosogulla

13.	Rosogulla

Beautiful! Spongy! Juicy! Delicious! Why lord why!

14. Moong dal halwa

14.	Moong dal halwa

Winters and moong dal halwa! God blesses us in disguise!

15. Mysore pak

15.	Mysore pak

There are numerous variations of Mysore Pak available throughout the country but the ones you get in Mysore are to die for!

16. Peda

16.	Peda

World famous in India, Peda is a delicacy for every event and opportunity that spells happiness!

Toh hungry kya?

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