12 videos that take you back to the golden days!

Team WOWRAL Feb 22, 2016

So much to remember, so much to miss!

We all have had those memories stuck with the TV of 1980s and 1990s that do not wash away. Here are a few videos that will remind you of the golden era we have had loved so much.

1. The Jungle Book

Who can forget the wonderful Sunday mornings!

2. Ek Anek

Our first lesson about unity in diversity!

3. Mile sur mera tumhara

One of the songs that you have to sing along no matter what. This was the first time we came to know what Lata Didi looks like.

4. Jalebi!

The boy so cute, Ramu kaka so wise, mom so lovely and jalebiiiiiiii!

5. Bajaj

Buland Bhaarat ki buland tasveer.. Humara Bajaj.. And so true. We all had one Bajaj in every home!

6. Asli swaad zindagi ka

When you watch ads like these now, we see how love was innocent, clothes trendy yet funky and being yourself so easy!

9. Titan- the essential part of every wedding

Perhaps this made Titan the wedding brand. Even Mozart would identify this tone better in the ads!

10. Action ka school time!

Good good morning teacher!

11. Pan Parag

The legndary Ashok Kumar and Shammi Kapoor

Baraatiyon ka swaagat Pan Parag se kijiye! :D

12. Made in India

Made in India- We already have it! When the pop culture was attaining heights, Alisha Chinai came with one of the most loved songs ever and gave us the hottie Milind Soman. <3

Seriously, what times we have had!

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