10 ways to create your own achche din

Team WOWRAL Feb 20, 2016


It might be slogan of the ruling party but on second thoughts, if we improve ourselves to an extent and bring forth some changes, we do not need anyone else or any government to create achche din!

Which changes and how? Read on.

1. Clean

1.	Clean

Your home, your surroundings, your colony, your city, your nation. Need more elaboration?

2. Follow the traffic rules

2.	Follow the traffic rules

Most of the traffic jams happen due to impatience of people as if there is an early bird prize set for them at their destination. Follow the lanes. Do not jump on signals. Try to resolve, not complicate. And please, stop, yes in literal sense, STOP that honking of horn without any reason.

3. Take no bribe, give no bribe

3.	Take no bribe, give no bribe

No! No! Say no to taking and giving the sweet packets under the table or any kinds of gifts that might help you get your work done faster. If everyone follows this simple rule, work will automatically become supersonic compared to now.

4. Use resources with responsibility

4.	Use resources with responsibility

Water, soil, wood, coal, petrol, oil, LPG whatever you might use, act sensibly towards it. Do not be a ‘hapshi’ and use all of it for yourself. Learn to share.

5. Plant tress

5.	Plant tress

OXYGEN! Can you live without it? Need any more reasons?

6. Respect people

6.	Respect people

Let them be anything. Any where. Do any kind of work. If somebody is trying to earn his bread with a work which he works hard for, they deserve respect and acceptance. Don’t be judgmental and act like a snob.

7. Educate

7.	Educate

A handful of schools and teachers are not enough. We are fortunate enough to have studies well so why not share it. Take time off your schedule of facebook-ing or playing games and spread the basic knowledge of fundamental things in life. To begin with, why not volunteer for your nearby orphanage?

8. Respect your country

8.	Respect your country

Whatever happens, do not boil your blood over petty issues. Instead remember the varied and highly esteemed history of your country and how everyone lived with pace and harmony once. We are liberals. Not tyrants.

9. Stand with your moral values

9.	Stand with your moral values

Remember why we all had a subject called Moral Science? Well, it had a purpose- to make us honest, ethical and be able to put intelligence and understanding to a level of challenges and pass with flying colors.

10. Caring for everyone

10.	Caring for everyone

Yes, females are important and need extra guarding and supervision. But equal emphasis should be laid on children and men. People make a nation and they should be a nation’s most prime concern. Security, education, hygiene and food- these should be the major concern and everyone should help each other to achieve this.

Growth is not only a government’s job. It is not even possible in a day. It is gradual but can be effective when everyone starts following the duties and using rights thereafter. Not vice- versa.

It is only then perhaps when the blame games will end and peace, harmony and brotherhood will return to the country.

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